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I am a 42-yr-old female; 5'3 and 135 lbs; I am healthy- (though I do have Crohn's disease which is currently in remission) not diabetic, hypertensive, and have normal cholesterol levels. That said, on 12/12/12 I underwent bilateral Fem Fem Bypass due to a blocked right external iliac artery. The artery was injured during a previous surgery a year ago. Nonetheless, since my surgery I have noticed an exceptional amount of numbness of the right thigh down to mid-knee. But at the same time I also am experiencing pain the in muscle. It feels very tight and sore as if I have over-used it. Is this par for course after this type of surgery? If so, how long for it to recover and is there anything I can do to encourage recovery?

bilateral fem fem? you mean from groin to groin across abdomen? with a synthetic graft?
numbness is is very common with vascular surgery as the blood vessels and the nerves all live in the same neighborhood. there is always a risk of permanent damage to the nerves but this is not usually the case, i will proceed as if i know this is not the case:
with a surgery just 2 weeks old i would believe it is a normal irritation of the nerves, i think of the nerves as teenagers, easy to tick off and slow to forgive. you likely have some irritation that is sending out messages to your brain that the nerves are not happy. once the incision is well healed and you have permission from your surgeon i would suggest massage, self massage. if you are unsure you can have a massage therapist teach you the skills but it needs to be your hands and fingers that do the work as the nerves in your hands connect directly to the nerves in your surgical site thigh, this makes a connection to your brain connecting the circuit. i cant say there is scientific evidence of this but i can say it have seen it work hundreds of times in situations just such as yours. gentle massage to start but if you dont touch these areas, it will start a different type of feedback loop which can lead to chronic pain. start with conscious touch when washing or applying lotion, and before long, things will return to normal.
hope this helps, lauri

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