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I am a 51 year old male.
I have not been diagnosed yet and am looking into a low cost clinic in my area since I have no health insurance.

Around five years ago I started losing the hair on my lower legs.
I did not think much of it and thought it might be from clothes rubbing the hair off or maybe alopecia since I have an autoimmune skin disorder called Vitiligo which can be related. I started losing more and more over the years till now almost all is gone from calves and thighs.
About a year ago my legs started to become cold above my knees when sitting or lying down but my feet and hands stay warm. Also my fingers began to get a buzzing numbness off and on.
After a few months I began getting a tingling feeling like something cold was touching me in legs and arms randomly off and on.
I have been a smoker for 30 + years and have a Family history of Vascular disease. My Father has PAD. I quit and haven't smoked for 6 months.
The puzzling think is I can walk with little pain that seems to get better when I walk. My Dad couldn’t walk a block without severe pain. I walk ever day three miles non stop.
I have very good pulses in my feet also.
I also feel weak and tired most of the time.
I have blurred vision and vertical ridges on my finger nails which started around the same time the hair loss started.
I get light headed and dizzy often too.
All my muscles in my body feel sore all the time also.
I often get cramps in arms and legs.
When I lay down at night all the tingling and numbness goes away but my legs chest and arms get very cold to the touch.(My legs are the worst).
This even happens when it is hot out.
Some of these symptom seem like PAD related but some do not.
I could also have a thyroid problem which is related to the Vitiligo I have. My Mom had thyroid issues also.

Is hair loss on legs the first sign of PAD?
Do you think this could be PAD that I have?


hair loss is a symptom of pad, but usually a later rather than early
it certainly sounds as if you could have an arterial problem
but it is impossible to say without laying hands on you and better still having arterial tests
best you can do is stay away from tobacco and keep exercising both improve circulation
hope this helps

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