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QUESTION: Hello,I am a 36 years old man,I dont smoke,I have varicose veins on my both calves,and above the knees.The ones above the knee are less visible than the ones from the calves,however you can notice them.
On my left leg,on the thigh,I have a small vein about 2 cm long.Accidentally when I touched it one of these days,I felt something like a small ball,the size of cherry seed or something like that.It does not hurt,the colour is not changed,it is not hot,the leg is not swollen.
When I elevate my legs (while laying in the bed I elevate themon pillows)you cannot feel that ball,but when I stand up you can feel it again.
Short while ago I had my full blood tests done,including cholesterol,tryglicerides and so on,and everything was ok.
Moreover,the doctor did some blood test to see if my heart receives enough oxygen,and it was ok.Could you tell me maybe which test this could have been?It looks/feels like the vein is inflamated or something.I take cold showers daily on my both legs.What seems strange to me is that when legs are elevated,you cant feel that spot no more
Anyways,back to that small ball,I was afraid that it might be some blood clot,but what I read about symptoms,it doesnt look like.
What do you think about it?Have you ever heard about such thing?
Thank you so much in advance!

ANSWER: klaas
you need to ask for a venous duplex ultrasound that evaluates both deep and superficial venous systems for incompetence and insufficiency. it sounds like the valves in your veins may not be working properly and this is an issue that can only be seen by ultrasound not by the naked eye.
if the greater saphenous vein (this runs along the inseam of your jeans) is in compentent, and is of a certain diameter- it is easily remedied- look at
to understand the problem and a solution
i hope this helps

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QUESTION: thank you.
but do you tib=nk that might be a  blood clot?

unless you have had an injury to that area, i doubt it but even if it is, it would be a superficial clot, which would resolve with time, nothing that would travel and cause other problems, the ones we worry about are in the deep system and do not present like this
hope this helps lauri

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