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Vascular Surgery/Femoropopliteal Bypass & 2nd. blockage


Last year when I was 61 my legs hurt after walking a short distance all (including my PC) thought it was another DVT or PE, even though I said the pain was different. Finally my new cardiologist listened and after a ankle brachial index, a ultrasound & finally a angiogram it was found I had a long occlusion of the iliac artery on the left. I had a Femoropopliteal Bypass July '12. Few months ago my right calf started to swell & hurt. Most recently where the crossover is above my pelvis it started to swell and be very painful but it almost back to normal. I just got a call from my PC and she wanted me to make a ASAP appointment with my cardiologist cause my recent arterial inflow/venous scan showed there was a 50-69% blockage in my right leg. I am very concerned considering my bypass used my right leg to supply blood to my severely blocked left. What can/is going to happen now that the right leg is more than 50% blocked and I already have had a fem pop bypass? I now have to wonder could my recent severe daily headaches, elevated BP and (I have occasional A-Fib)fast & skipped heart beats be caused by this blockage? Just got the call about a hour ago & I can't find anything on line and doubt if I will get much or any sleep without answers & who knows how soon before I can get a appointment.

your cardiologist did the bypass?
i would suggest you get an opinion from a periheral vascular surgeon who can re-do any problems and bypass any new areas. it is not uncommon for bypasses to need tweeking thats why we do very regular ultrasound scans of all bypasses so we can catch problems before they get bad. once you are fixed up again, we would do US scans at 1, 3, 6, 12 and every 12 months thereafter to monitor the status of the bypasses. is a link to Society Vascular Surgery where you can find board certified vascular surgeons in your area
hope this helps

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I can answer your questions related to your circulation, your peripheral vascular system. This includes all arteries and veins except those inside the head and inside the heart. For example, neck (carotid), arms (carotid subclavian bypasses to Thoracic Outlet) belly (aortic aneurysm & occlusive disorders, renal artery stenosis), legs (iliac, femoral, popliteal, peroneal, dorasalis pedis, posterior and anterior tibial) arteries. Aneurysm & occlusive disease, atherosclerosis, leg pain, arterial wounds and gangrene, amputation prevention. Arterial Bypass, Reynaud’s, Buerger's disease (thromboangiitis obliterans), Thoracic Outlet and other circulation disorders. Vein disorders: Blood Clots (DVT), post-phlebetic syndrome, varicose veins, venous stasis ulcers. I can help with vascular wounds from diagnosis to treatments. I have worked extensively with VNUS Closure and EVLT (Laser) for varicose veins and can describe pre and post procedure expectations and describe the procedures themselves. I can't help with spider veins or cosmetic vein treatment, we don't do it. I have 15 years of wound care experience, arterial, venous, trauma and diabetic wounds for example. **I CANNOT answer questions about STENTS or STENTING, heart disease, blood pressure, brain aneurysm although I can help with questions about the arteries that go to and from those organs.


I am a nurse, I worked for 15 years with two terrific peripheral vascular surgeons, and one of them is also the inventor of very innovative wound care products and surgical instruments to make vascular surgery procedures better and faster. I wrote and manage the clinic website and field questions from patients all over the world. I am now working with another vascular surgeon and wound care expert, which has given me an opportunity to widen my horizons as I learn another excellent physician's preferences and benefit from his experiences in this amazing specialty.

I am an LPN, licensed in Minnesota

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