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Vascular Surgery/leaking from site(clear fluid) no pain swelling or fever


QUESTION: How long does the leaking last from femoral edarectomy? surgery 5/2...three days ago.

different for everyone of course, but serous drainage is common up to 72 hours and not necessarily a bad thing,  you dont mention how much drainage or if there is swelling, but if still leaking monday i would lat least notify your surgeon. best of luck, lauri

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QUESTION: No swelling,redness,pain.  I have to use a clean white wash rag, stuck in my drawers.  Otherwise bandages would have to be changed every ten min,  while I'm up and walking around, bending etc.  I am 86 yrs. sort of a former athlete. Walked 3 to 5 mi. daily for many years.   Did not retire from job as Dietitian until I was 77. I am not going out because of this annoyance.  My Doc. did not warn me about the GlC.  Please answer...thanks a lot.

with surgery oin the femoral artery. there usually is more drainage than some other sites, reperfusion and gravity contribute the leg more than say, the carotid...
is the leak from the incision itself or thru the skin????
absorbtion (way more than a cotton rag.... ) and they keep the skin dry thru the miracle of modern science.
you have a grat attitude and thats 3/4 of the battle
best of luck

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I am a nurse, I worked for 15 years with two terrific peripheral vascular surgeons, and one of them is also the inventor of very innovative wound care products and surgical instruments to make vascular surgery procedures better and faster. I wrote and manage the clinic website and field questions from patients all over the world. I am now working with another vascular surgeon and wound care expert, which has given me an opportunity to widen my horizons as I learn another excellent physician's preferences and benefit from his experiences in this amazing specialty.

I am an LPN, licensed in Minnesota

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