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Vascular Surgery/problems after Venus Closure procedure


I Had done on both legs approximately 4 months ago. I originally went in because my spider veins were ugly looking and I wanted to have these addressed. Dr said we needed to get it through the problem in that disclosure procedure would be the thing to do, well also injecting the spider veins. so approximately two and a half months after the procedure spider veins a lot more spider veins are appearing. I went back to the doctor and he said well we must miss something we'll have to do another ultrasound.. now this is the fourth ultrasound I'm doing, and I couldn't imagine what could a finD That  they didn't find the previous three. anyway I did go for the ultrasound and what they found was basically nothing a confirmation again that the original procedure was effective and now the doctor says well it must be in your deep veins and there's nothing we can do about that. so I'm left feeling rather abused frankly, because I went in to get my spider veins cosmetically improved and now they are worse.. some of the ones that were rejected are gone but there's many many many many more new ones. on top of this my insurance is not so good so I owe him for each of the ultrasound at seven hundred dollars a pop plus the 20 percent off the rest of the procedures that the insurance company does not cover. can you give me your opinion on the situation, and is there any way to fix the deep ravine which could be the truE root of the problem.ThankYou.

sorry so long in answering forgot to change status to vacation.
i have to say, this is one reason we dont 'do' spider veins
so the first thing your initial treatment was protocol, to do the ultrasound to make sure that if there is an underlying problem it should be fixed before sclerotherapy for the spiders. but then you lose me
can you look up images of spider veins (telangiectasia )and reticular veins and varicose veins
and tell me which you have?
also i assume that your original US showed the deep system and id it was bad somehow, doc qould have had a log conversation about whether to closure or not
let me know about your veins...alo age, weight, family history of vein problem, pregnancies, activities

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