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I'm in my late 30's and been diagnosed with varicose veins of 18mm on one leg and prescribed vein stripping. What are the long term effects, meaning in 10-20-30 years, in terms of quality of life and the ability to walk and exercise normally?

Thank You.

left in place, a vein that isn't working properly will give you way more problems in 10,20,30 years than removing that vein from the circulation in the leg. removal of the vein improves the return of blood to the heart and avoids the complications of venous insufficiency.  there is only an improvement in the quality of life, ability to exercise walk normally when such a problem is solved.

the only question i have is why stripping rather than radio frequency ablation of the vein?

vein stripping is certainly the old "gold standard" of care for this problem but nowadays, using a catheter to "close " the vein - eliminating it from the circulation but not taking it out of the leg, is the more common choice, the procedure is done in the clinic,there is no general anesthesia - just local anesthesia to numb the area, there is no incision, and the removal of the vein VS the closure of the vein are night and day different in trauma and recovery. the closure allows you to resume most usual activities the same or next day while stripping can take weeks to fully recover from. i would ask your surgeon why he prefers stripping and if there is someone locally who you can talk to about closure.

here is a link to patient info from the VNUS CLosure website, you can read about the procedure and see what you think

best of luck, lauri

ps i dont work for or gain any benefit from suggesting you take a look at this alternative treatment

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