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My dad is 83 years old and just had this procedure done $ days ago. Is it normal to have slight headaches and slight swelling of the foot on the same side of the artery.

was endarterectomy on neck or leg? if leg it is perfectly normal ............ actually expected result, if neck, also normal but not always expected.

if leg surgery this is called reperfusion edema
this is an postoperative event means swelling after artery surgery.   during the months/years before surgery the bloodflow has been diminished, when bloodflow is increased due to a good bypass, the  leg is suddenly getting way more blood (a fluid) than it has had in a long time.  You cant stop it because it is a direct result of the bypass.   This increased bloodflow is what makes the leg feel better when you walk or sleep, heal  any  wounds, makes your skin more supple, increases the fat pads on the sole of your foot.  it does all kinds of good things
be sure to let your surgeon know what is going on and ask if OK to elevate the leg to decrease the swelling.
headache, i am not sure about and you should alert your surgeon to that too
hope this helps

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