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QUESTION: I'm 50 years old and weigh 270. I had a dvt several years ago in my left leg and later developed varicose veins. I was told this was due to scarring when I had my dvt. I sought treatment for my varicose veins and from what I understand nothing can be done because my varicose veins affect all three major veins in my leg. So I wear support stockings. I believe I'm supposed to wear 30-40 mmhg. I have also been taking warfarin since last year because another dvt developed in my other leg but so far no varicose veins there. I have some inflammation in my ankle area in my left leg but the doctor wasn't overly concerned about this. I believe he did say that my condition would typically worsen over time but it would help some if I lost weigh which I've been slowly trying to do. What seems to be new is the blue spots in my foot. My foot does hurt some periodically during the day for a few seconds then it goes away. What is going on? Should I be concerned about this?

both pix show signs of venous insufficiency
are you wearing stockings both legs?
when he said not to worry did he do ultrasound to look st function of both deep ad superficial veins?
if the deep veins are functioning but superficial are incompetent, the superficial veins can be fixed, pushing blood to deep veins to return to heart. but no one can 'see' that without ultrasound.
exercise, weight loss certainty helps but veins don't fix themselves. I would seek another opinion if your doc didn't or wont do proper tests.
hope that helps, lauri

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QUESTION: I had a doppler ultrasound on both legs. My left one has the most problems. From what I recall, the superficial veins could be fixed but considering the cost, he didn't think it would be worthwhile because the deep veins can't be fixed.

I wear stockings on both legs. So the blue spots on my foot are just another sign of venous insufficiency? Would wearing the right compression stocking help with my foot? I don't think I've always been wearing the right compression of 30-40. Thanks!

Wearing the stockings will certainly help if you're deep veins are not working you cannot eliminate the superficial veins even know they're not working well. But if the deep veins are working our competent, then fixing the superficial veins will force the blood out of your leg through the deep system and this will help your leg the blue spots areevidence of the Venus and sufficiency, the 30 to 40 compression is great

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