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I had surgery on my legs and feet which took 4 procedures to do (Bilateral greater & Lesser Saphenous Vein Ablations - for swelling in my left foot). The last procedure was 4/30/15 and I am still having terrible pains in ankles, legs and very very swollen leg, ankle and foot on the left leg. My question is, when am I expected to get results from this procedure? When will the pain go away? And when will the swelling go down? I can barely walk and I try to put my feet up but I work all day and by the time the day is through, my feet are about to explode and they feel like it too.  My ankles feel tight and I do wear compression hose but by the end of the day, my legs, and feet are burning up and when I take the hose off you can literally see them swell up.  Please help me I am desperate and I need your input.  Thanks for a quick response and looking forward to hearing from you.


hi Theresa, I am sorry for your problems, so, I need to know, did they do a postoperative ultrasound (like 2-3 days after your procedure...and if they did what did the US show that the greater and lesser saphenous closed?

let me back up, in the first US prior to the procedure, did the test show working deep veins and superficial veins that are not working properly??

the deep veins must be competent (working) to safely close the superficial (greater and lesser saphenous) veins. if deep veins are not working, the standard would be to not do an ablation, rather to keep you in compression hose or pneumatic pump daily.

I assume since the ablation was done that the deep veins are working and the superficial veins are NOT working, is that correct?

at this point you need a diagnostic ultrasound to see if 1) ablation closed the superficial veins and did not shut down the deep veins. this US would be 48-73 hours after the procedure
the US should look at all the veins in your legs and determine what is causing the swelling and pain.

something is wrong, but I cant tell from here. I think you need an appt with a vascular surgeon, you want an objective test and reply. Please let me know how it goes, thanks, lauri

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