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Hello! First of all congrats! Your responses are so helpfull.

My man underwent a fempop bypass 8 months ago due to critical ischemia. He is doing well. Fortunately blood flow is normal again. Recently doctors found that the other leg is also total occluded but with an excellent collateral circulation and they believe surgery is not a need right now. As doctors say bypasses don't last forever so the later the do it the best for him and suggested walking as much as possible. He is 29 years old. What's your opinion?

Last but not least, I'd like to ask about grafts. How many popliteal bypasses can be done lifetime? What if after years there is a need for bypass redone or new bypass and there is no available saphenous graft?

He doesnt smoke anymore and has so other health problem such as diabetes or else. In both cases (leg and right leg) the problem caused by a thrombossed aneurysm. Do you believe a limb loss is still a possibility or sth that can be avoided?

Thanks for your response.

Hi, OMG I started your answer and then I lost the whole darn answer. Shoot
so let me take it from the top

the walking is important and works especially well hand in hand with massage
the crucial thing to remember is that the walk should take him TO the point of calf pain (claudication) but he should not walk TRHU the pain, when he starts getting claudication, he should stop and let the blood flow fill the leg arteries  (gravity dies this trick all on its own, just stopping the walk will allow the vessels to refill and stop the pain. once he feels good again, start walking and when the pain starts, stop til it's gone....over and over.

massage, even just during daily bath or shower also increases the blood flow to the vessels and increases collateral circulation, doesn't have to be fancy massage, just stimulating the muscles nerves and blood vessels

if, when and if he needs another bypass, you are right natural saphenous vein is the longest lasting but there are synthetic grafts, and cadaver grafts....remember surgery does not cure the disease or remove the blockage, it is more of a road detour.

The lifespan of a surgical bypass depends on the health of his arteries, the type of graft used (natural vein grafts last longer than synthetic ones) and other health factors, such as whether he is smoking, develops another problem such as diabetes, heart or kidney issues

I hope this helps, take care and best of luck, lauri

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