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Veganism/Is old mill salt water taffy vegan?


I found salt water taffy the maker is Old Mill it looks like I can have it but I am not sure the ingredients are corn syrup, sugar, palm kernel oil, mono & diglycerides, chocolate, artificial & natural flavors, soya lecithin, citric acid, salt and artifical colors (including fd&c red #40, yellow #5, blue #1 & yellow #6). If I cant have them can you explain the ingedient so I can watch out for it in the future. Thank you for your time!

Depending on your 'intensity' of veganism...(we all swallow bugs, bacteria which do not qualify as vegan!) there might be some animal, animal derived ingredients within the natural flavours (most likely dairy derived butter flavours), and possibly the mono and diglycerides--(some are from beef or pork fat, but CAN be from vege sources too). The rest of the ingredients are likely all 'safe' from the vegan perspective.
I hope that helps, my pleasure. Here is a link that you might find very useful to check all sorts of ingredients!
Now may I add a bit of info: Rather than subjecting yourself to all the 'nasty stuff' (artificial colors and flavours)....its really quite easy to make your own VEGAN taffy--lots of recipes on line, and this way you KNOW what you put into your special treat! If you need any help with the recipes, don't be afraid to ask me!


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