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Veganism/cruelty to animals


I'm kind of a vegetarian.. I don't actively eat vegetarian, but I don't care for meat either.

I just watched a disgusting undercover video of the treatment of animals in the meat industry that made me physically ill. I don't see how that is legal.

how can we stand up against the meat industries? animals deserve to be treated better than that.. to be thrown out like garbage is so horrible. to be ground up while still alive is horrible. to have your intestines ripped out while still alive is horrible.

Hi Desirai,
Obviously, your compassion and intelligent side are FULLY functional, congrats!!
Chances are, you're not 'actively vegetarian' because our society makes it SO DIFFICULT to do so! Keep in mind the struggles of the Civil Rights movement, The Abolitionist movement, even the women's rights movement. What I am trying to say is that ALL injustice takes people at the 'front lines' and a critical mass that tips the social acceptance of the injustice.
So... when you ask why/how are the cruel actions of the flesh food producers legal, the simple answer is the majority of humans 'accept, profit!' from such actions.
How do we change this? TRUTH, share the truth with all you can, and LEAD by example--i.e. ACTIVELY EAT vegetarian!! Of course, this won't happen overnight, but it will be one of the most rewarding, satisfying facets of your life, I'm 53 years old, and have been 'standing up' for vegetarianism all my life (raise Hindu). The hardest years were my teenage years, as a new immigrant to Canada...but today I see THOSE years gave me the self confidence and strength to be who I am today!

As you might be aware, the LARGEST contributor to greenhouse gases caused by Man is the production of flesh foods! It also follows that if we 'allow' meat consumption, its acceptable to experiment on animals, torture them in bull fights, zoos, lab experiments, and military trials. NOT accepting to eat them would automatically question all the other subsequent abuses, no?

Feel free to contact, ask further questions any time!


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