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Hello - I have a vegan blog and I was wondering about ideas on how to make veganism more accessible to others. Would you say that a blog is a good start at showing others what vegans can eat and if so - what would be good key points to feature on said blog?

Thank you very much for your time and I apologize as I added on to the question a bit.

Hi Bou,
Totally agree with what you want to do, THIS is what actually motivated me to start my business, VEGAN DELIGHTS.
Unfortunately, I'm finding we can't MAKE people choose veganism, only inspire, PROVE that this is the more evolved, healthy and intelligent way to exist....(and as time goes on, icons like Bill Clinton, Steve Wyn, Hugh Jackman) are making the case for our cause!
There are so many websites for vegan nutrition, vegan athletes, disease prevention, curing even!
I think taste, convenience and 'social acceptance' (especially for people under the age of 30 or so) are the biggest hurdles.
NOT that vegan food doesn't taste AMAZING, but if a child is raised on carnivorous crap, by the age 8-10, his taste buds are so used to the oversalted fatty taste, its a lot harder to relish fresh veggies, fruits and whole grains and beans.
Not that vegan food is difficult to make, but the economic system is set up to give huge tax breaks to the 'Mcfood' system, so to try and compete in the marketplace for $ becomes too difficult, and vegan fast food chains at this point are IMPOSSIBLE!
By Social acceptance, I mean that most people want to fit in with their friends, peer group, but going out for a pizza with your friends and NOT WANTING to share the cheese, pepperoni garbage makes for a bit of an awkward 'party'....
PCRM has just launched a petition to get Stephen Colbert 'on board'--please sign up! (just go to For sure, this will be more effective than Oprah's half hearted on again, off again vegan ratings grab!  


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