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I want to try to make tempeh at home, have checked recipes online and it seems easy enough to do but I was wondering if rather than starting from dried soybeans, soaking, cooking, dehulling...I could rather use canned soybeans, wash them well, dehull and continue the recipe. Is there a reason to use dried soybeans?

Also, is dehulling really necessary? Like if soybeans were roughly processed in the food processor and hulls not removed, would it still work? Will confess I am not too glad to strip the beans of their fibers.


I have not made tempeh at home. I can only suggest that you make it from canned soybeans and do not dehull, and determine if you like the results. If not, you can make it from dried soybeans and dehull. Either way, or whatever process you use, take very good notes so you know what works best.


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