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   what defines a food as vegetarian or non-vegetarian?

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Dinesh kumar

ANSWER: A vegetarian food is one that is suitable for a vegetarian to eat. That is, it doesn't contain meat or, depending on how strict the vegetarian diet adhered to is, any animal-derived products (including dairy products, eggs, gelatin, etc.).

À non-vegetarian food contains products that vegetarians do not eat (meat and sometimes other animal products).

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QUESTION: Thanks for answering..

        A friend of mine from Muslim community says, food which stimulates sex are comes under non-vegetarian it true?

can you explain me this from scientific background?

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Non-vegetarian foods and vegetarian foods are very general categories. To my knowledge, there is no scientific evidence supporting either category as an aphrodisiac. Eating a well-balanced diet, vegetarian or not, can help maintain good health and indirectly positively affect libido.  

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