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To Liz Vaccariello and/or whom it may concern,

    I recently picked up the "Flat Belly Diet! Diabetes" book from my local library and have read half the book so far without any complaints.  In fact the book is very informative and I am truly happy I found the book in my library.  I was confused about the phase 1 program and why it does not mention anything about bedtime snacks for type one diabetics that are insulin dependent. The chapter just mentions to follow phase one exactly using only 1600 calories a day; yet, there is no reference to people who need their bedtime snack as a requirement for being dependent on insulin.  In other words, how could I have four meals a day and not have a bedtime snack if I am on insulin, since I take my evening injection before dinner?  The extra 200 calorie snack pack only comes in Phase 2 so do I add an extra 200 calories for bedtime snack in Phase 1 as well? I would be able to finish reading the rest of the book with peace of mind knowing that the phase one can work for type one diabetics if there is a solution to this problem.

Appreciatively yours,

Victor Strugach,
Type One Diabetic

I have done this diet.  Cynthia has another I like better.  The cinch diet.  She answers all questions with email. My husband is on this with me.  He is a diabetic akso. He gets an extra snack in the evening.  You can ask her what she thinks.
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