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Hii : I would like to know how long to fry vegetables in olive oil. Carrots, broccoli , peepers, mushrooms and etc.. I have been looking on the net but no luck on finding the time , how long to cook.
I am trying to eat more healthy.  Thank you


Generally, there isnít a set time for cooking vegetables in any type of oil. You will usually see time ranges because it depends on the temperature of the oil, the type and cut of the vegetable, and the desired texture after cooking. Larger pieces will take longer to cook. Do you prefer a firmer or softer texture? For a crispy texture, vegetables will use less oil and a higher heat.

The best way to decide on a time is to cook individual vegetables and take notes. Observe and sample as you cook to determine how long to cook. (This will give you a base time, and it might be more or less the next time you cook.) Also, at some point, the vegetables will need to be turned (or stirred) for even cooking. Cooking is interactive and you will need to monitor the process.


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