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QUESTION: Hello, Paulette.  I am planning a buffet dinner reception for 135 people, and I need your suggestions for two or three vegetarian entrees.  As far as entrees, I'm already serving pizza, a pasta bar, ceviche, and two hot fish dishes.  When I say that I'm looking for vegetarian entree suggestions, I mean no meat, meat products, additional fish dishes, or poultry.  Eggs, dairy (milk, cream, butter, etc.), soy, are fine.  The reception will be a buffet; so, I need to serve (preferably hot) entrees that will do well sitting in chafing dishes over stereo while the guests help themselves to the food.  What are your suggestions?  Thanks.

ANSWER: It's this a casual party or a wedding

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QUESTION: This is a wedding.

Of course I am a vegetarian chef and most of the things I would suggest would be without eggs or dairy.  I think a very nice pasta dish if you can use cheese would be very nice.  Some things that are easy and go a very long way are spinach and ricotta stuffed shells.  Also there is a very nice recipe on Barefoot contessa which is five cheese pasta.  It is wonderful and I have also used it for my dinner parties.  It is very delicious and goes a very long way.  One casserole can feed more than 12 people.  I made this one for my daughters rehersal dinner and everyone just loved it.  I think a great kale salad would be a very nice addition to your menu as well.  I love Andrew Weils recipe which is online.  I don't use the cheese or bread crumbs.

You know I just went to a wedding and they had a big soup container of chilli with cornbread on the side.  I could suggest a very nice black bean chilli with butternut squash.  This is vegan so it is for anyone not using dairy.  

I love making grilled tofu served with a puttenesca sauce.  It is very pretty in a casserole and the tofu can be prepared way ahead of time and the sauce can be frozen and lightly spooned on top not covering the tofu.  Don't know if anyone expects tofu.

How about a lovely green bean greek salad with little tomatoes and greek olives and basil.

I love serving falafel on a platter with sliced pita on the side.  They can be served at room temperature.  You can use a package mix if you want and bake them.  

I also love doing a greek spinach pie.  I made it on a large sheet pan and then cut into squares.  They can be placed on a nice platter.  They go best with the falafel.  

Greek salad if you don't have any others going on.

This gives you some italian food and some greek food.  Are you making all of this yourself.  I did my own wedding at home ten years ago and it was just wonderful.  Mine was Italian.

If you want any recipes or help with more ideas please contact me.  If I need to send you recipes please include your email address.

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