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QUESTION: Whenever I've purchased a new car at the dealership, I go through the options list and tell them what I want and don't want and they order the car exactly how I want it, a special order I guess. But if I lease a car, can I do that or am I limited to what they have in stock, sitting on the lot?

ANSWER: Hi James,

You may be given the impression by some dealers that you "should" purchase what is on the lot verses an order.  However, If you want to order a vehicle exactly the way you want just as you did your previous vehicle and lease it, you may.

Advantage: you get exactly what you want, you know what the wait time is and you pick the vehicle up upon arrival.  Your vehicle, Your way!

However, if you are willing to waiver and be flexible your negotiating power increases.  A dealer would rather move current inventory rather than wait for an ordered vehicle.


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QUESTION: Thanks for that.
Everything I read about leasing says a big mistake a lot of people make in leasing is to put money down on the car, even though it will lower monthly payments, and the dealer encourages it. They say it ties up your money on something you are 'renting' and also if the car is totaled within the lease period, that money is gone and you don't get it back, even with 'gap insurance.' Do you agree with putting no money down at all? Or does it ever make sense if someone is does need lower payments? But I see many dealers say "$1,999 due at lease signing" so seems like you have to, regardless.

One other thing please, lots of questions I know... one dealer I looked at says it has a 'pure' 'no haggle' price, what you see is what you get. So that means no negotiating on the lease price at all?  Thanks again!

ANSWER: Money down on a lease is not the best option.  UNLESS you goal is a LOWER monthly payment.  If you can afford the payment without the money down then buy with no money down.  

My question would be if you can not afford the payment without putting money down is that really the vehicle for you.  The ideal lease is one that you put little or no money down on and the monthly out of pocket is affordable.  

Instead of money down perhaps the ideal scenario is a less expensive vehicle all together.

Remember if the lease is disclosed with money down and a payment is disclosed also.  If you opt out of putting money down the monthly out of pocket (payment) will go up.

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QUESTION: What about the 'no haggle' 'pure price' some dealers have? Is that really the case or can you still negotiate the price with them?

If a particular dealer has a no haggle price policy then you will not be able to haggle with the dealer.  Make a decision to purchase or not.  Keep in mind that you are able to go to another dealer.  The Internet level's the playing field for the consumer.  Make several inquiries to more than one dealer and compare prices.


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