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Cheryl, when a car dealership checks someone's credit who wants to lease, do you know if they will share with the customer what their credit score is? I wouldn't see why they wouldn't, but not sure. Thanks

Good Evening Lee,

There are certain regulations that a lender must abide by.  Disclosing the credit score is not a requirement of the dealer.  The dealership has the choice to disclose or not.  As I see it, one of the reasons the dealer may want to keep that information "under wraps" is to keep control of YOU the customer.  

Lee you can empower yourself by obtaining your own credit score before going to the dealer to obtain credit.  There are several sources on line that will assist you.  

If you need additional information on how to obtain your credit score or how to increase your credit score send me a quick note.  Via my FB fan page.  Search "The Mercedes Lady" for additional information.

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Vehicle Lease vs Buy

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