Sexually Transmitted Diseases/im so confused.


britt wrote at 2012-01-17 03:48:07
the bump is most likely a cervical polyp which are usually harmless but should be checked out at somepoint  

nisha blood wrote at 2012-11-20 17:19:46
Dis t blood and hw do u know how u taste fa one n fa two dont wear tight jeans n da bump y dot u go get checked out cuz dat can be really seriously bad. So go ta da doctors by yo self n find out cuz nigga is nasty nw n days so go get looked at babygirl cuz u never know n its nt yo fault so dont be embarrassed...

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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My name is Jordan and I am an Epidemiology student at the University of Oklahoma. On top of that I am finishing my bachelors in M.D.S. public health and my minor is H.E.S. (health and exercise science). I have had many classes entirely devoted to sexually transmitted diseases, I am starting my independent study focusing on S.T.D distribution based on demographics, and have had a lot of hands on experience at the clinic that I am currently employed. I believe that sexually transmitted disease are a part of life, like any other non-sexually transmitted disease and can be controlled with knowledge. I would love to share this knowledge with anyone that is seeking it and encourage anyone that needs it to just ask, because I would love to help. Since this is a public forum, please refrain from using any personal information of yours or anyone else.

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