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Sexually Transmitted Diseases/stretched broken penis skin on bottom area


The Peck wrote at 2012-09-02 23:31:17
Alright while I agree with Diane W. on some of here answer I have to disagree with her otherwise biased addition of the physical/emotional reason to stop masturbation. Being a guy myself and knowing the typical religious/uneducated notion about masturbation being a bad thing I had to add to the answer. I know you more than likely know it is NOT physically or emotionally detrimental. This is more for people visiting this answer and not knowing that the particular point of advice is not correct.

Otherwise I would discontinue use of the product and give it some time to heal. In my experience and use, NONE of the products give you results without doing some damage. Usually the "enlarging" is a chemical reaction your penis is having to the product. Also all of these are just temporary and results, if any, vanish once you discontinue use.

In one other underlying point to your question. I would stop using any penis enlarging products. Point blank, without serious surgery and with that there is limited successfulness of the procedure, you can not permanently enlarge your penis. It's 99.9% in your mind about your insecurities, if a partner is that concerned about your penis size they're not worth being with. Plus think about the money you'll be saving NOT buying such products.

BLUE wrote at 2012-11-17 04:22:54
Diane W. How did the CAPTCHA code not stop your reply, considering you must be a robot with a reply such as: I also don't recommend masturbating because of physical and emotional side effects. Unless people are able to have sex daily(lucky SOB's), what do you expect.

zack shuan wrote at 2016-12-11 17:58:58
i have the red spot on the penis ,i used to masterbate one time  in a month.this redish head spot irritate at the night only and it is only one with a head cutt of and look shiney.

plz tell me what to do?

is this a kind of virual or fungal infection???  

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