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penis head
penis head  

penis head
penis head  
Hi i am 23 yrs old and live in queensland, Australia recently i hav had these wart like bumps on the head of my penis. I masturbate alot and my partner and i hav a very sexual relationship just wondering what they are and if they are contagious. It seems to be only on the head but not completely covering it. I was told they are normal skin variarions on the glands but they hav only appeared about 8 mnths ago. They dont look or feel normal and im almost possitive they are growing in size and numbers. Please help cheers

I can't diagnose over the internet or by pictures. You must go to your doctor or a clinic and get a diagnosis. Yes, if you have a sexual relationship, you need to refrain from sex in case this is a sexually transmitted disease. Please don't hesitate and go as soon as possible to get an exam and hopefully, treatment.

Diane W.

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