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sir i have unprotected sex one time with a sex worker at 14 January 2012 after some days i hear that she is hiv+ than i have tested my self lots of time in different labs with hiv 1&2 antibody includes p24 antigine screening test and simple hiv 1&2 antibody rapid test till 18 November 2012. all results came negative or non reactive. i dot have any exposer in this mean time.sir i have use some antibiotic medicine and blood purifier tablets for 7 days. can these medicine effects on test.sir i want to know only two things (1) am i free from hiv after these  test or i have to test again (2) sir someone say to me that hiv can take 2 years to ditect in some cases so u have to test after 2 years after possible exposer. please help sir i am very scared about this and i cant sleep.......

From the information that I have, you will have to be retested. There is some confusion about the period of time. Some do say that 2 years or so. Please ask your doctor about this. I feel certain that you have learned not to do this again in the future. I will pray for you to be able to sleep. Do you have any religious beliefs to help you during this time?

Diane W.

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