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I am a 26 yrs old from India. I have been doing masturbation for the past four years. I masturbate for roughly 3-4 times a week. For the past one year, I have notice following effect on my body:
Dark circles and hollow eyes
Mental irritation
Excessive sexual desire
Weak erections
Easy semen loss
Poor digestion
Pimples on face
Weight gain, etc.

I sincerely want to quit this habbit, as I feel that is has impacted by physical appearance and health and offcourse the social life.

Please suggest some good homeopathic medicines. I have heard about Staphysagria. Arnica Montana and Agnus Castus, etc. I would be extremely greatful for help...

You are the only person who has contacted me with regards to agreeing with me about negative effects from masturbation. I have been suggesting to people that this is happening. I also think that emotional effects can be possible, which I would also include the excessive sexual desire. I have not heard of any of those medications to help with this problem. I can do some research if you like. You can email me at

Diane W.

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