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I am 15 and a sophmore in highschool.  This one girl likes me a ton said she wants to give me head.  Just like all horny adolescents I would love to say yes to her.  But!  I want to know the risk of STD's.  I know that the most common STD's from oral sex are bacterial infections and can be cured.  Except herpes which stays with you forever.  I also understand that STD's transmitted through oral sex can have certain variables.  Such as how many partners the other person has had and how sexually active that person is.  Personally, not as a sex expert, do you think people who partake in oral sex have a high risk for infection.

Hi Adrian, Thanks for your question. You are wise to check things out and do research before you do something life-changing. Yes, I do think that any kind of sex can be concerning to health. I also think that when you start doing things like oral sex, it can lead next to regular sex. Which can cause sexually transmitted diseases as well as pregnancy. I also think sex has emotional consequences. Do some research about that online. If you want me to send you some links about all these subjects, just email me at
Thanks again for you question and hope to hear from you soon.

Diane W.

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