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These scabs started as red bumbs at the tip and seem to be spreading, I left it untreated because I thought they were just aggravated skin. They are very itchy and painful to the touch. I have only had sex in a monotonous relationship for 3 months now and these have just popped up in the past 3 days. I have no discharges, and my partner has been checked about a week ago and is clean, seeing as though we have had unprotected sex prior to her testing I assume, I too, am clean. I have just shaved assuming I only aggravated it even more I was hoping they were just ingrown hairs because they were there before I shaved. I am incredibly concerned but have no way to see a physician.

They might have a free clinic in your area or some help. I found some free medical help in my area so check around. Because you really need to have a medical diagnosis. I can't tell you what it is over the internet or by pictures. I know that some sexually transmitted diseases can lie dormant for some period of time and then show up later. So it could be something from a former partner or you could have something lying dormant in your body. Or it could be ingrown hairs, like you said or some other infection or allergy. So find out for sure and let me know.
Also, refrain from sex.
Diane W.

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