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Sexually Transmitted Diseases/small painless/itchless red spots on glans after oral sex


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Hi, I'm a 22 year old Canadian old and recently came across another reply by Mark to "tiny red spots on penis foreskin" and noticed a few similarities with a problem I am having. Twice in the last week (4 and 6 days ago) I received oral sex from a girl and shortly after which I noticed these small painless/itchless red spots. I have a history of sensitive skin and have caught yeast infections from unprotected sex with my last girl friend in the past(I'm uncircumcised). What concerns me is that a couple of the initial spots have gone away but a few new ones seem to have come up as well. I may have been a bit overzealous cleaning and drying it lately after I first noticed them and have been flipping between using small amounts of moisturizing lotion and lamilsil for the past couple days also as I don't know if its a small yeast infection or if its just after affects from slightly rough oral sex. What I don't understand is if its from friction, why have new ones come up and is it at all likely to catch yeast from oral sex? Any help you could give would really be appreciated. Thanks a lot

I would recommend going to the doctor or clinic for a checkup. Then you can get a clear diagnosis of your situation and how to be treated. I would also suggest refraining from any kind of sex, including oral. You need to find out what is the problem. Don't let your health go downhill. Make sure you are healthy and strong.

Diane W.

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