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QUESTION: I am Karthick. 20 year old boy from India. On 13/10/2012 I had accidentally met a man of 30 years old. We both had open mouth kissing each other. We then rubbed our penis on each others anal opening and we did not ejaculate or penetrated. He then masturbated himself and mine. Our penis did not touch each other directly. What is the chance for me to get affected with any sexually transmitted diseases?
If that person is HIV positive do I have any chances of getting infected by HIV??

ANSWER: Hello Karthick,
You had extremely low risk activities for acquiring any sexually transmitted infection, including HIV. Open mouth kissing, rubbing of penis at anal opening without penetration or ejaculation, and then mutual masturbation is NOT SUFFICIENT to catch HIV or most STDs. The risk is very low. However HIV is not the most infectious STD. In other words, herpes, hepatitis B, syphilis, and perhaps even gonorrhea can be more infectious, if the conditions are right! "The conditions" would probably require a cut or scratch or abrasion, unrelated to you or your partner acquiring such an skin trauma from sex. You have little to fear!

Good luck!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for your instant reply sir. I apologize you for asking two more doubts. I am Karthick 20 year old boy from India.

1)  My doubt is if I had minute unknown cut in between my teeth, cracks on lips unnoticed during open mouth kissing and the man whom I kissed had mouth sores or cuts in his mouth, do I have any possibility of getting infected with any STD and HIV from him if he is infected??

2)The next question is that he tried to insert his finger on my anus but I refused as I felt it. He took off and did not inserted.
He then rubbed his penis on my anus(never penetrated or ejaculated). On the next day I felt mild pain on the anal opening during defecation(no bleeding). It lasted for 4 to 5 days and then went off.
My doubt is that when any cut or abrasion or scratch has formed when he tried to insert his finger and then he rubbed his penis at my anal opening (no penetration or ejaculation). Does it pose any risk for the transmission of STD and HIV due to that act?
Thank you in advance for your quick reply......!

ANSWER: Hello Again, Karthick,
Any opening of skin between you and your partner do allow the entry of certain germs, if they are present. But HIV is not that infectious in such a situation. Hepatitis B, syphilis, and herpes are far more likely, if present, to cause an infection than HIV. It is theoretically possible however. The germs must be present and effectively shed in sufficient quantity to overcome your own body defenses to cause infection in you. It is not possible to quantify this risk. Therefore it is possible to get an infection, although unlikely.

If your anus had a scratch or scrape, perhaps from his fingernail, than it is possible that is what caused your several days of discomfort. An irritated hemorrhoid can also cause such discomfort. There is always some degree of risk when anyone has direct contact with your body or skin, especially if there is a scratch or other opening. If sexually transmitted germs are present, than the risk increases. So yes, there is risk! But it is still very unlikely. Most cases of STD transmission require a considerable amount of infectious material to be in contact with the scratched skin. Mere touching or brushing is not likely to cause such spread.

Good luck!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I am Karthick, 20 year old boy from India.
Today is the 26th day after my sexual act(getting rubbed around my anus with his penis without ejaculation/penetration and kissing without knowing the status of mouth sores).
In these days I have closely examined my health for any changes.
The things that I have noticed are:
1. I had burning sensation during defecation around my anal opening immediately after the day I got my anal opening rubbed with his penis and it lasted for 4 to 5 days and then went off and never came after that. (The reason which could be for my pain has been mentioned by you in previous post).
2. After one week I got skin rash(no open lesion) of 1 cm on top of my foot which is shiny appearance(mild itch and no pain). But I had it before that act due to allergy with my foot wear. But it is regenerated in the same place and developed in ankle as small shiny spots after the act. After some days there is no further development. That too its monsoon here and I had to walk in dirty water.
3. For the past four days I have got minute skin tumors(no open lesion and the size is similar to pimple or even smaller) over the skin which is of mild pain. 3 on the neck near throat and 1 on the lower head. I am sure that it is not lymph node.
4. For the past two days I got two mouth ulcers.
5. I have strep throat for the past 3 days and it lasts only at times which is very mild.

Other than that I did not experience anything. (I do not feel fatigue or feverish. No infection in my genitals and anus. I am feeling hungry as well.)

1. Are those I have noticed is because of my infection with any STD/HIV or general day-to-day life abnormalities? Is there any risk still, whether I would have been infected?
2. If a person has been infected with all STD including HIV, and if he is not circumcised, does the pathogen would be active around the penis and anal opening if there is no open wounds/no ejaculation?
3. What is the lifetime of the pathogen outside the body of the host?

Sorry if the question I have asked is not in understandable format.
Thank you in advance for your quick reply.

Hello Again, Karthick,

1. Are those I have noticed is because of my infection with any STD/HIV or general day-to-day life abnormalities? Is there any risk still, whether I would have been infected?

As I mentioned before, there is VERY LITTLE STD risk from your activities. Since you seem to be so concerned, I would advise seeing a physician who can be more reassuring.

2. If a person has been infected with all STD including HIV, and if he is not circumcised, does the pathogen would be active around the penis and anal opening if there is no open wounds/no ejaculation?

Different STDs have different levels of risk and transmissibility. No can be or is infected with ALL STDs at the same time. This hypothetical situation is similar to the "What if scenario..."-- you know, "What would the effects be if an asteroid crashed into earth...."

3. What is the lifetime of the pathogen outside the body of the host?
Every bacteria, fungus, protozoa, and virus has different survival characteristics. Some may live for only minutes, some die quickly if dried out, or subjected to hostile temperatures or conditions. Some are very resilient.

Good luck!

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