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irritated hair follices?
irritated hair follice  

irritated hair follices?#2
irritated hair follice  
Hi Dr DW.

Name: Alex
Age: 24
Country: United States

about 2 weeks ago i noticed a few bumps in my penis area some in the shaft but most of them in the pubic area where the hair grows. (They dont hurt at all they dont grow that much like 1 or 2mm at max)

I remember shaving the area a week before i felt some itching in the area of the pubic hair, so i shaved the area again as usual and saw this weird bumbs that i never saw before. They dont really itch that much... Some times they look like they going away but some times they just come back, I tried squeezing them and they pour some blood not that much then after 2-3 days they may actually go away leaving no apparent scars. another dermatology told me to be just irritated hair follicles, so i'm using Bacitracina 500UI/g and it been kind of working after 3 days but they are still there, i'm planning about trying Terramicina but not sure if it will work. Im pretty worried about getting Warts/HPV, I'h been with the same girlfriend for the last +6months and i didnt had sex with any other person +3 months(also an old  girlfriend) before i starting having sex with my current girlfriend she hasn't develop any of this...

As of today it doesn't itch or hurt some of them are gone after squeezing them and using Bacitracina the one on the shaft of my penis are not that big as the one on the pubic hair area they are less big and more of a white color.

thanks and i hope you can help me a bit with this.

I really can't diagnose over the internet or by pictures. You must go to a doctor and get an exam and diagnosis. Never squeeze bumps like this. This can be unhealthy or even dangerous. I would recommend not having sex. Also, you can have a sexually transmitted disease or your partner can. Then months or years later, your symptoms can develop. Or this could be an infection of some sort or allergy. Just go to your doctor or clinic if you haven't already and find out for sure. Hope your treatment works.

Diane W.

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