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penis bump 1
penis bump 1  
QUESTION: Hi Mark. I am male/22 worried bout some bumps that showed up on my penis like a week ago. I wouldnt have noticed them probly bc they dont hurt or anything but i was pissing at a urinal in a campus bathroom and i saw them under the bright light. :( So im scared that i got herpes or hpv or ?? I have been w/a few diff guys in the last months. Only oral and messing around/naked 69 whatev. I was on a diff site and i wanna know what u think. Hope the pic is ok/its harder to see them then i thoght unless im looking a them. I though herpes but i have no other symptoms and they havent changed at all since i noticed them only theres like 5-7 of them mab and i only thoght i saw like 3-4 last week. :/ Please help me figure this out. I am so depressed and i can't tell anyone. I have avoided my buds and any sex since i saw them. I am afraid i can never be w/anyone again. I'm feeling very lo and disgusting. I never have unsafe fkking EVER and hardly do at all anyways. Just oral and make out like i said. I thoght i was being pretty safe. Thanks i hope u have a idea of what it is and what i can do to make it go away. I can't think of anything cept this now. It's ruining my life.   Josh

ANSWER: Hi Josh,
First, you should know that it is NOT ruining your life. Affecting you, one of life's lessons that require you to actually experience, and not just hear it.  Nothing to be depressed about. There are lots of sexually transmitted germs that can be acquired from oral or anal sex, topping or bottoming. Condoms offer some protection, but not 100% in all situations. You may wish to go to your local (or school's) health clinic so they can diagnose you accurately. If you are in a big city, there may even be a gay health clinic with health care providers who are knowledgeable in such conditions, and will be able to help you.  

I can tell you that the bumps do not look like herpes at all, and certainly they do not "behave" like a skin infection with the herpes simplex virus. It could be HPV or molluscum contagiosum, or plugged oil glands or a few innocent skin conditions. The photograph does not show the area in question very well. If you can take a macro image with sufficient light in close up, I may be able to offer you more information. If you can't take it yourself, hey, that's what buddies are for, ehh? You got naked with some people before, so it's not like you're shy; "I'm just checking up on a skin condition to email to my doctor."

Good luck, and relax. It will be easy to "treat" (if it needs treatment), once it is diagnosed!

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bumps on penis 3
bumps on penis 3  
bumps on penis 2
bumps on penis 2  
QUESTION: Hi  Mark and thanks sooooo much for answering me so fast!!!! Ur the 2nd expert that said it dosent look like herpes at all. :) Idk wat it is tho man and its freaking me out. I havent even jerked off since i saw them and im getting desperate!! Is it ok to do that? It will be quick lol. I can try for a better pic that one was w/my phone so here are 2 more of it.I'm pretty much soft in that pic and there only able to be seen then/not when im boned up. Does that mean anything?? There not rough and warty looking either/smooth more. Some are real small and that one is the largest. There far away from each other. Theres no red patches on my penis. I have to tell u tho i really had major jerkoff last weekend and my penis was very irritated for a few days and even sort of peeled a little. So what do u think?? *I wrote all that the other day Mark and now im getting freaked out bout it all im scared really bad actually and looking for some help coping w these bumps and i still dont know wat they are. Im going Fri to a doc to get cheked even tho im afraid to. For anyone dealing w/this i hope u know your not alone. Thx again.    Josh :)

Btw can it be like staph or like foliclitis? I was looking alot online lol and trying to figure it out!!!! If u wanna email me mab i can talk to u  bout it more/its ok with me!

ANSWER: Hi Again, Josh,
Sorry, the photograph is just too unclear to be able to identify what the problem is. The skin looks red, and that's all I can say ("You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows!")  Masturbation, major or minor, should not have much of an effect unless insufficient lubrication causes scratches or abrasions. See the doctor on Friday as planned. If you're still "freaking out" about nothing, than I recommend that you get a referral to a counselor or therapist, because obsessive compulsive disorders and anxiety can be quite disabling and prevent you to do what you'd like because of these intrusive thoughts and coping mechanisms.

Good luck!

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QUESTION: hey mark. ok well today i got out of the shower and i hadnt looked at the bumps since i asked the last q on here and they seemed like some of the older ones that were there had like not a scab but mab like dried out and sort of fell off and are mab going away? idk they dont hurt and never did. :/ some smaller ones are still there but mab they will do that to and go away/there like this big * mab they c/b like a bacteria thing or sometinhg i got??. i wont try to send more pix [unless u want me to] since there not to clear anyways but hopefully i can get tested tomorow and at least know something rigt away. im more scared then anything i guess. i just want my life back and to be ok. thanx so much for listening it means way more then u can even know when your alone and scared and its on a area u cant just show like ur arm or foot. if anyone else is going thru this go get tested at a clinic at school or at a docs or wherev. it will drive u nuts otherwise.

also my b*tthole has been having like little tiny sensations almost like a quik stinging here and there on the outside and idk wat that is or if it can be hpv there at the same time. does that sound normal? also if u wanna talk u can message me.

thx/hugs josh :)

Hi Again, Josh,
Your seeing a doctor Friday, so share this information with him, including your butt. Note, the most common cause of such irritation is a skin fungus similar to the athlete's foot fungus. The doctor should be able to diagnose.

Good luck,

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