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Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Discoloration of the Glans, Dark Spot or Rash


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I am a male in my low 20's and I have noticed the glans of my penis changing color over the past few weeks.   I have sex with multiple partners but not an outrageous amount (never more than 4 at a time) and I use protection.  After a weekend with 2 partners who I used protection with I noticed darkening skin on my glans but there is no pain present or itching or discharge.  Over the weeks it has looked to start spreading further around the glans and it seems to change the wrinkle patterns in the glans. Sometimes they look smoother than usual or present extra deep wrinkles.  When flacid the dark spots are very visible and there looks to be a small amount of tissue change. When erect the tissue change is less visible but the discoloration or dark blotches are.    I can't tell whether this is normal or not.  I have been known to be a hypochondriac when it comes to my penis. I have ran to the doctor multiple times for no reason in the past. This time I know there is a definite change I just can't tell if its normal or not. Please help.

I can't tell you if this is normal or not. I cannot diagnose over the internet or by pictures. Even though you think you are going to the doctor too many times, you really need to go again. New studies have shown that condoms or any kind of birth control method is not 100% safe in preventing STDs or pregnancy. So there is really no such thing as "protected" sex. So you probably know what I would advise. Having sex with anyone, especially with 2 or more partners can be very harmful to your own health. So treat yourself as important and abstain from sex. Go to the doctor and find out what is the problem. Let me know what happens. You can email me privately at

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