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I am sexually active.  I am circumsized and noticed a dry patch of skin that went around right under the head of my penis that kind of looked like dry circles.  I thought it may have been dried semen so I rubbed it off after a shower and the affected area was very raw afterwards. I applied jock itch cream for 2 days and the skin stopped looking dry so I didn't apply it anymore.

Now about a few weeks later I came out the shower and dried my penis with the towel rubbing the shaft to get an excessive water and after I looked at my penis I seen that I may have rubbed it too hard and rubbed more skin off from the same area.  I'm worried it may be attributed to some sort of std.  I started to use clotrimazole cream today.

I would recommend that you abstain from sex and get a checkup at the doctor. You can't take a chance on this being a sexually transmitted disease. Your health is of the utmost importance. So go to your doctor, get an exam and hopefully, you can be treated. It could be an infection or allergy but I can't diagnose over the internet or by pictures.

Diane W.

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