Sexually Transmitted Diseases/red spots on groin area


red spots on groin
red spots on groin  

red spots on groin
red spots on groin  
30yr old male , noticed some small red pimple like spots on penis shaft and base of penis , also on scrotum and thigh area. They are painless and some can be squeezed. A clear substance with a little blood is noticed. They are not open sores, and do not itch. I do shave that area and do workout 6 times a week. Ingrown hair usually clear up in a couple of days but these have been present for about a month now. Currently treating with neosporin. No history of any STD, and have been in a committed relationship for over a yr now.

It may not be an STD because of your committed relationship. But I can't tell you that for sure. In the future, do not squeeze any spots of bumps. This can be dangerous to your health. Instead of self-treating, I think you should go to the doctor and get an exam and diagnosis.
Good luck. I don't usually recommend sex before marriage because of possible STDS. Just my opinion.

Diane W.

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