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This is actually a STD type question.. I hope that's allowed, here.

I had sex (protected, with condom) with a new partner for the first time in a very, very long time (since I've been STD tested) about 2 weeks ago. It was on her bed.

The next day, I noticed a little bit of itchiness.. All over. Not just down there. All over the body. Little itchies here and there. Nothing too crazy. Well, over the past 2 weeks, the itchiness has gotten worse. It is not all the time, it comes and goes.. But when it comes, it itches like crazy, all over. Every couple seconds I am scratching a new location of my body. Whether it be on the head (top of my face head), arms, scrotum (lots of itchiness on the scrotum), etc. The itchiness seems to get a little worse at night. But it's gotten really bad. When I get one of the itchiness spells, it's sooo frustrating! And it really doesn't stop.


I thought it might have been crabs  the day after I had the sex, which I've never had, and there was no signed of it, but I shaved down there, completely, anyways.. And it still itched on the scrotum, and still does. But like I said, it's all over the body, not just the scrotum.

No noticeable dots, rashes, nothing like that. No discharge from the penis, no abnormaties other then this darn itching... What could it be?! It's driving me crazy :(

Thank you for the help!


P.S. My friend said it could be scabies? But I know nothing about Scabies.. I do not have medical insurance right now to go visit a doctor... Currently unemployed.. So I don't know what to do.. :(

There ought to be somewhere you can go to, like a free clinic. Ask someone or look online or in the phone book for free medical care in your area. Most towns have something like this. How about lice or bedbugs? That is what I thought of first. Oh, or fleas. You have got to do something to find out what is the problem. So let me know what happens. I guess it could be an STD but I'm not sure. You will have to have a medical diagnosis.

Diane W.

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