Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Tiny bumps on penis head


first four pics
first four pics  

here are more pics
here are more pics  
Hi Diane,
My case is somehow similar with these cases below,

so I never knew when did these appear bcos I don't take much time looking at my genitalia but i noticed it once while watching porn and masturbating and i am so embarrassed now, and i've seen in the vid the male's dick which is kinda different when i compare it to mine so there i noticed the tiny bumps on mine and since then i was so worried i could die, i began researching and so i began to wonder if its herpes but then i found out that i couldn't get herpes bcos i never had intercourse in my life im only 17 still virgin so its kinda impossible to be herpes but it worries me alot so i attached some pics hope you could help thank you very much BTW merry christmas and happy new year.
and also some weird small pimple like at the back of my penis.

==> Andrei

I cannot diagnose over the internet or by pictures. If you have not been sexually active, then you can't have a sexually transmitted disease. But you should go to the doctor or a clinic to get a checkup. This could be some kind of infection or allergy. It might be important to your health to find out if this is a problem. Good luck.

Diane W.

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