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Hi, my name is Alyssa

I have experienced two small pumps on the exterior of the vaginal area. I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years now and I do occasionally use a dildo. I have been switching through regular soap to shampoo and now I'm using Vagisil to wash. I douche once a monthly and mainly I have not had sex with any other partner other then him and neither has he. Here are a few picture that will show you the two small bumps that have appeared. I have no pain but i have been touching it to check to see what it could be. I have never had this before and I hope it's treatable.  

Please if you know anything about what it is let me know because I want to know if its treatable and for how long do i have to wait for it to go away. I have had a yeast infection before but that's why i started on the Vagisil and douching.

Thank you

Alyssa,  I cannot diagnose over the internet or by pictures. You must go to your doctor and have a checkup. You should go as soon as possible and you should refrain from sex in the meantime. I don't want to make you doubt your boyfriend but are you sure that he has not had sex before? Even oral? If not, then it cannot be a sexually transmitted disease if you have not had sex either. Please let me know what happens. You can email me at

Diane W.

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