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Red bumps
Red bumps  
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Im 21 years old male and 4 months ago, i had a protected vaginal and unprotected oral sex from a prostitute. Then this week i start to develop fever, but i think its mostly because of my bad toothache i got at the same time. During the fever period, i also experience some kinda of back pain and abdominal pain. Now my fever already heal for about 2-3 days, then just last night i start to notice this kind of bump (the one with the reddish area, its became red when i squeeze it.) and 2 nights before i had a masturbation too and didnt notice it somehow. When my penis is erected, the bump cannot be really feel though. And after checking up with my doctor, they said i dont have any swollen lymph nodes.

My question is, is this possible herpes? I dont feel any pain at all when i squeeze it and there's no puss or blood coming out from the spot. Im just really worried about the first possibilities. Any advice about this are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

If you had herpes or any sexually transmitted disease, your doctor should be able to diagnose this. So is that all your doctor said? Maybe you should get another doctor to have another opinion. As you probably know now, it is dangerous to risk having sex with a prostitute or any girl for that matter, as you don't know if they have any diseases. So I don't recommend that at all for the future. I can't diagnose by pictures or over the internet so get another medical opinion. Good luck.

Diane W.

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