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I was recently tested positive for herpes. I was shocked because I don't remember having any breakouts or anything wrong and I was shocked because I've always been careful my whole life and have only had 2 sexual partners my whole life both in very long term relationships and I'm 43 now. I took the test because I found out my wife wasn't faithful and just did it for the heck of it not thinking I'd find anything but I did. My question is this the last time I remember any type of irritation around the penis was with myfrst partner when I was 26 I would get irritated down there and when it was like that it would burn to have sex I always thought it was jock itchh so I would spray it with jock itch spray and in a few days it would go away. These types of irritations lasted between 26 and 39 but they became less and less as time went by and I haven't had anything like that in about 4 years my wifes affair was about 4 years ago.  Now my question is is the type of irriation I describe herpes?  I never thought it was I really thought it was just irritation or jock itch it wasn't incredibly painful just uncomfortable and I could not have sex when I had this.   I'm tryingbto figure out if I got this from my first partner or my second.  Thank you

Yes, it could have been with your first partner because it can just be extremely uncomfortable if you are good with pain. And also you can have breakouts years later from a sexually transmitted disease. Did you ask your doctor, when you tested positive, all your questions? I can't diagnose over the internet so you will have to consult your own doctor. You might not be able to find out if it was from your wife or first partner. Good luck. Oh, and I have to tell you that recent research is saying that there is no such thing as "protected" sex. No birth control method can guarantee 100% "protection".

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