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Hi DW,

Thank you first and foremost for what you do -- this is a very helpful service and I appreciate you being here to answer questions to fearful people, like myself.

I am a 24 year old circumcised male. I have had many partners, but am currently in a steady relationship (1 yr).

Right when my relationship started, I noticed these spots forming on my penis head. They have grown in the past year (not in size, but around the head) -- I have attached pics for you to review.

I had unprotected sex with a partner about 30 days prior to engaging with my current girlfriend. She informed me about a month later that she was diagnosed with HPV from the doctor.

I am scared that these are warts, but am too embarrassed to go to my family Doctor.

From my research, Herpes usually hurt, or discharge, or bleed -- this doesn't hurt at all .. it's just annoying. It causes a "dry like" skin on my penis head, if that makes sense at all...

I don't know what to do :/

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


You will have to go to the doctor even if you are embarrassed. Doctors, in general, deal with this commonly so will be totally professional and confidential about your situation. You must get tested because your health is of the utmost importance. I would advise you to refrain from sex. I can't diagnose over the internet or by pictures. I hope you have gone to the doctor by now but let me know what happens.

Diane W.

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