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i have been having itching and white discharge from my vaginal intermittently for a while now. i have used Mycoten it stopped but resurfaced again. presently i am pregnant and i noticed it again so as always i applied mycoten insert into my vaginal and the day following i started bleeding profusely.
please, i am so scared could be that i lost my pregnancy? this bleeding has been on for seven days now though at varying volume. i need to know if the infection has affected the pregnancy thereby resulting in bleeding after treatment.

Dear Semi, I'm sorry to say that I just got your question. Please tell me how you are since the delay. You can email me privately at
You will have to see your doctor as soon as possible to see what the situation is. Don't ever insert anything in your vagina when you suspect that you might be pregnant. I am concerned about you so please email me as soon as possible.

Diane W.

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