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A few month ago i had unprotected sex with a woman. The next day i had a burning sensation around the skin surrounding the penis head. And it looked a bit red. After a couple of days the sensation and redness were gone.

A couple of days later i notices a small red dot on the penis head.

It passed a few months since that incident, and now i see some red dots on my penis head. But not always. I mean, they appear to be more clear when my penis head is in flacid state, not erect. Also, i noticed that sometimes red spots appear on my penis head. Like the blood is not circulating well or its strangulated or something. If i try to rub, or play with the head of my penis, they dissapear.

THEY DON'T HURT, OR ITCH, AND THEY DON'T "BLEED". It doesn't bother me at all expect that somethimes it is visual.

Also, they seem to appear after sex, or handjob. After i ejaculate, it feels like the semen has an effect to the redness.

It feels like an yeast infection, that i read about on the internet.

I posted two images below:

Here you cand see a red "heart" shape in the penis head

And here red spots.

I read about balantitas, or candidas.

1. Can it be one of this STD?
2. Which is worse?
3. What can i use for treatment?
4. If i have either balantitas or candidas, can they appear from antibiotic or bath salt?

I mention that a had Augmentin antibiotic treatment for some throat infection, and also after some months, took the same antibiotic for gum infection.

Thank you for your time, please help me with an answer.

Hi Patrick, I can't diagnose over the internet or by pictures. So I didn't look at the pictures for that reason. You must go to your doctor or clinic to have an exam and diagnosis. I wouldn't recommend trying to treat this yourself as you don't really know the problem. It might not even be an STD but possibly could be from what you wrote. Please let me know what happens. Go as soon as you can and refrain from sex.

Diane W.

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