Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Risk of STD after unprotected sex


   I had unprotected sex with a stranger yesterday in India who is not a csw. The sexual activities included giving and receiving oral sex without condom and performing annilingus on her.  didn't see any visible signs of STD around her genitalia.

    I am planning to get married in another month. My questions are these :

1. What are the possible infections I might possibly contract from this episode and their level of likelihood of contracting.

2.  What can I do to prevent any infection from manifesting itself at this point and what are the infections that it can prevent?

3. How long do I have to wait before I can get married and what are the tests that I should perform to ensure that I am disease free before marriage and when should I have these tests done?

Thanks in advance for your time.


Shaan, I really can't say if you should even get married in a month. That would not be an ample time period in which to see if you have been transmitted a sexually transmitted disease. If you love your future wife, it would not be wise to marry her and possibly infect her. Please see a doctor as soon as possible and get advise on tests that you should have. Possibly delay the wedding. Are you going to tell your future wife what happened? I hope you will be responsible from now on especially during marriage. Faithfulness is a must. Please let me know what happens.

Diane W.

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