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I've been having this blister breakouts
Here and there... on my testicle area
And have wonder what
They are..been having them for almost
3-5 years now... Sometimes they look like
Pimples.. And when trying to pop them
Nothing comes up.. By the way it itches,
When scratch for a long period of time
I end up scraping the top of the blister
And leaving some sort of a hole on
The blister here's a pic of it..
 I haven't gone to the doctor in fear
That I might have an STD.. My g/f
Of 7yrs was diagnose with gonorrhea
3-4 years ago.. Was tested myself but
Came out negative.. Not trying to make
Anyone look bad.. But figured I brought
This up.. Maybe it could help..
thanks, Oscar


I also have seboherric dermatitis,
Could this be related?

You will have to ask your doctor about the relation between the dermatitis and your present condition. I cannot diagnose over the internet or by pictures. Nothing will replace an exam by your personal physician. Don't be afraid to go to the doctor. You must find out what is the problem. Otherwise, you could have long-term problems and also transmit to someone else. Don't have sex with your girlfriend unless you are both tested and then get married. Let me know what you find out. Don't scratch or pop the pimples because this can be unhealthy. Please go to the doctor as soon as possible.

Diane w.

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