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Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Weird situation. think I have herpes but not sure


Bump/Blister on Pelvis
Bump/Blister on Pelvis  

Pimples on face
Pimples on face  
I am going to start this by saying that no one who I have come in sexual contact with over the past month who I could have contracted or transmitted herpes from is showing any symptoms of having a disease and have fully denied having an STD of any sort.

I do not have any blisters, ulcers or bumps without hairs on my penis shaft.

The story: About three weeks ago, while my girlfriend and I were on a break, I slept with a girl and the condom popped. Somewhere between 5 and 7 days later, i began to experience itching at the base of my penis, and shortly after a bump appeared on my pelvis. This bump grew, but was never filled with liquid or puss, nor did it explode, ooze or anything. I took a hot shower and the bump began to heal. It was slightly painful to the touch (4.5/10 on a pain scale) and it was also slightly uncomfortable while in a very hot shower.

Though the bump is almost fully healed now, I am currently experiencing itching in different parts of my body, including my arms, back, face and sometimes anus area.

While I am used to nasty pimple/acne outbreaks on my face when I eat oily, greasy foods (which I have been lately), the pimples are coming in all over my face. I am also seeing bumps on my back, but there are no bumps on my penis, scrotum or pelvis/groin area.

My birthday came around just over a week ago, while the bump was still pronounced, and my girlfriend performed oral and vaginal sex with me. She is showing no signs of any type of infection.

I have an appointment to be tested for STD's on Thursday, but I'd love your input on what it could be. I've already accepted the fact that I may have HSV1 or 2, and am ready to live life with it, but it doesn't make sense because I just can't figure out where I contracted it from if NEITHER of my sexual partners have any symptoms nor do they admit to having an STD.

I'm itching all over in random places, most times my legs, groin, face or back, sometimes stomach.

I know you don't like pictures, but I'm attaching my healed bump on my pelvis, as well as a picture of the bumps on my face and back.

I just found your question in the question pool so I don't know why the other person did not answer. I see that your question is from the 5th so I'm sure you have been to the doctor by now. Have you been diagnosed? Let me know what has happened. I'll be interested to know. It is possible that a person can have a sexually transmitted disease and transmit it to someone but have no symptoms. So email me at and let me know the outcome. Thanks.

Diane W.

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