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Bumps like mine
Bumps like mine  
So here's my situation. I just turned 19 and my insurance won't cover  my age anymore. I had a yeast infection and went to the doctors to get it looked at because it got really bad.after the yeast infection cleared away I grabbed a mirror and decided to check out my who-ha (vagina) I noticed a clear bump in my vagina beside my baby hole (sorry idk what it's called) but anyways it doesn't itch it doesn't burn it doesn't get irritated so I decided to just watch it for awhile. Still looks the same but seems to have gotten alittle bigger from when I last looked at it. I asked my mom about it and asked her to look at it and she said it looked like genital I got dressed and went to the emergency room that night to have them look at it and check for stds. I explained to the doctor that it doesn't hurt burn etc. and when I started my period it had a strong terrible Oder to it. I started my period on December 15,2013 and it is now December 26, 2013 my period is a light flow now but a watery (light brown & pink)  color to it. The doctor checked my urine and came back and told me that I didn't have a std or bacteria showin in my urine. She gave me a pelvic exam and saw the clear bump inside and said that it looked to be another coming up on the other side and the Oder she checked to see if there was a lost tampon inside of me and there wasn't.(I'm a very clean person)so no there isn't a lost tampon. She said she honestly had no idea what the little bump was but it didn't look like genital warts or any std. She said it looked irritated like razed bump but it doesn't hurt and it won't pop I tried to pop it she spoke of something like a lesion but it wasn't big enough to be one. She told me it wasn't serious enough to send my to a gyno but to follow up with a gyno when I can.But because I don't have the money or insurance to cover the bill I can't go right away I'm very worried and get very upset about it because I'm afraid it could be something serious. ive been searching online and reading other ppl issues and comparing it to mine and looking at pictures and don't see anything that it could be. The closest I have gotten was a cyst in my who-ha but the bump I have doesn't have the white stuff in it it's completly clear like water under my skin
Oh forgot to say that my period was late about 2 weeks late and now has been on for 2 weeks. I've never had this issue with my cycle so I'm wondering what could cause that. And this mystery bump in my whoha  Someone please help! The image I have attached is what my bumps look like but I have one really big one in the middle of all of them which is what I am speaking of above

Hi Shannan, I just found your question in the question pool at
I realize that your question was from back in December so I wonder if you have found anything out by now. I cannot diagnose from the pictures or over the internet. I would think that the doctor you went to would be able to help you. What did she say to do? Oh, she said to follow up with a gyno? Maybe you can find a clinic which can help you with free or low price. Can your mom help you with the cost of an exam? Please let me know what is going on. I'm concerned about you. So write me at so we can talk more.

Diane cheryl

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