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Bumps on Face
Bumps on Face  

"Discharge"/Stain inside penis
"Discharge"/Stain insi  
I'm still stressed out about herpes because my doctor cleared me but I still have symptoms.

Now I have a two small lumps on the left side of my groin (i think swollen lymph nodes) and my face has broken out. Today I woke up to a small sort of painful but more like annoying bump inside my right butt cheek. I'm hoping I don't go to sleep and wake up to a full blown blister.

My body is still itchy sometimes but not as much.

Again all of this started after a single sexual encounter with a freshman girl in college. I had a groin itch for a few days and then a bump formed that turned into a blister. It healed after a hot shower and sort of crusted over and when I got it checked out, my doctor diagnosed it as a sebaceous cyst and said I had nothing to worry about dealing with herpes.

He said "I've been in the profession all my life and if you had herpes or something resembling herpes, I would know."

I was tested for gonorrhea chlamydia syphillis and HIV and all of those came back negative/non-reactive. I have yet to sleep with a new partner since the encounter, and none of them say they have any itching or symptoms of herpes. The girl I thought I contracted it from was upset with me for thinking she had it, and the girl I may have transmitted it to has absolutely no symptoms of an STD or anything.

I had unprotected sex with both.

I have also kissed other females since my doctor "cleared me" and they have not told me about any symptoms itching or anything. I am hanging on to these facts for hope because I know herpes is highly contagious and if I have it, at least two of these girls should have it as well.

I'm not sure if the breakouts on my face is acne or herpes. They look like pimples but they hurt. I always pop my pimples but they go away and these seem to be crusting over. It's kind of weird.

When the bumps came to a white head I scrubbed them with acne scrub/wash and squeezed them. They bled a little bit and then white puss squirted out.

These bumps on my face now feel cold and tingly since they've been popped and I've applied acne scrubs and solutions to them that are alcohol/peroxide based.

Again, I have no unusual bumps/blisters/pain on my actual penis. Every pimple has hair coming out and is located toward the base or the underside of my shaft. But there is a white circle inside my urethra at the tip of my penis. My doctor diagnosed it as discharge and cultured it, but it all came back non-reactive/negative, presumably because he didn't test for herpes.

I also have bumps on my back, but my doctor called those sebaceous cysts as well. Those bumps have been going away and down ever since I began washing my back better in the shower.

Also, a small painless bump/pimple developed inside my bottom lip nearly a month ago and is still there. It's not visible, but I can feel it with my tongue.

None of the bumps on my body look like anything I've seen online. None of the "blisters" or "bumps" are grouped together or in clusters, but this itchy thing scares me.

I'm going to the clinic again in the morning to be tested for herpes specifically, and I guess I will have a result by the end of the week.

I've never had anything like this happen to me before. My brother who works at a hospital says it's hormones making my face break out, and my mom says it could be a derm, but if I have herpes I don't know how I'll break it to my mother or anyone for that matter.

My appointment is at 830 in the morning. I'm scared, but optimistic. I just want to know my status.

Finally, what kinds of jobs can you not hold if you are diagnosed with hsv-1/2? I've kissed very many people (be it a peck on the lips/cheek or a full-blown french kiss) and none of them have said they have any symptoms of anything. And if I have herpes, it's most definitely in my mouth as well.

Hello Kristof,
You don't have herpes. You already had a doctor tell you that. If you would research the exact signs and symptoms of herpes using medical web sites, you would be better informed. Check out:

The pimples on your face and elsewhere on your body may be related to a Staph infection, or as your brother wisely suggested, hormonal changes that cause extra oiliness and plugged glands, but not an STD. The "discharge" you noted at the opening of the tip of your penis may be related to pre-cum or less likely, trichomonas.

You do have anxiety and what sounds a bit like obsessive compulsive disorder. You would benefit from a therapist.

Good luck!

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