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Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Tiny raised skin bumos on my penis glans!



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Hey doc, so heres the deal i was told i had clamidia, so wile in the hospital they tested me with my urine samples, then they werent sure if it was a clamidia or ghonorea so they gave me two different medications one for the clamidia was a four pill in one dose and the other for the gonorea was 2 pills for each day for ten days! PS 4 days later i got my results with only a clamidia positive!  so that being done its over a month and a half now im off medications and i have not had sex since i was on them. Now im pretty sure these lil bumps werent there before i took the meds im very sure. they are hardly visible unless erect. Also iv been tested for hiv herpese and siphilyss everything came back negative. the doctor whos checked me didnt mention nothing about anything looking odd on my penis. So if my tests came back negative and the doc tells me im fine, it dosent really make sense that these tiny bumps just appear. im am positive i had no bumps earlyer before. Im am reading maybe it could be friction bumps cause of rough sex before everything, or maybe cause of the meds being that 10 days might be considered long term, or that too much antibiotics at the same time. i searched the net and a lot of docs are saying its nothing its fine! every blog or thing i see about this particular subject is never givin a fully good reason to what these things are! sure its not an actual examination we are getting but a decent answer would be nice. So, it been over a good minth and a half and ive avoided sex mainly to not spread anything if i got something, even if its as small as a yeast infection! I will add pictures so u can look and see for yourself! i dont have any symptoms at all, the burning left after the clamidia, no itching nothing, just these dam bumps lol, i am 21 uncircumcised. i got a meeting in a month just to ask my doc what these are and the last woman i had sex with dosent seem to have any problems! also i have no clu what warts would look like in their begginng stages so please doc! take a look and get back to me when u can, if u really wanna help me from spreading something to others would be nice to have a nie and honest opinion. thank you chief!

I found your question in the question pool at so not sure if I am the one you were asking the question or someone else who didn't answer. I can't diagnose over the internet or by pictures. I am not a doctor. I see that you are going to have a meeting with your doctor so I hope that he/she is able to diagnose. I am glad that you are refraining from sex and I would urge you to continue to refrain. This is the only way to guarantee that you won't get a further sexually transmitted disease. Good luck!

Diane W.

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