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I scraped my circumcised member on the shaft below the head on my zipper in two places then had sex with my gf and then I think I caught some yeast from her if she had thrush and it seemed to have infected the cuts. It looked worse, then slowly got better.  I did 2 weeks of clotrimazole but was also using bacitracin in the day to keep it moist to heal it.  I think keeping it moist was helping the yeast stick around.  Now I'm almost on my 14th day of running Miconazole and it is slowly getting better and actually completely disapears when I don't touch it, and I am trying not to masturbate but when I do I am very gentle but it flares up again.  Do you think it will go away permanently if I keep running the Miconazole and don't masturbate, and keep it clean?  It's been a month now that it's been coming and going.  Should I not put vaseline on it either since moisture helps yeast?  thanks for your help.  Also in the photo it looks pretty good compared to what it looked like at its worst.

I can't diagnose over the internet or by pictures. Please consult your doctor about your condition. Let me know what happens. And yes, I would recommend not having sex with your girlfriend. I usually advice people to wait until marriage to have sex to prevent stds and pregnancy problems.

Diane W.

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